Travel Photography Course
From amateur to professional photographer
This course is going to be about travel photography, with tips that can help anybody from beginner to advanced photographers. Those who travel love to take photos. We’re here to make sure that those photos reflect your amazing travel experiences.
Learn tips and tricks for capturing stunning photos.
Meet your instructors Ania & Tyler, as they guide you through what this course will be all about.
Know the Lingo
Here, we’ll make sure you know all the photography terms you need in order to find your way around your camera or phone.
Packing Camera Gear
How much do you really need to buy and what gear do you need to pack to take great photos on your trip?
Questions and More
Do you need a big camera? Which lenses should you invest in?Will a tripod help? We’ll address these commonly asked questions and more.
Working with Light
Light is a photographer’s best friend, and in travel photography, natural light is usually what we work with. Learn to work with its benefits and limitations.
Insta-perfect Food
Make your meal look as good as it tastes, and then make sure you share it with the world!
Vistas and Landscapes
We can’t control nature, but we can control our shots - so let’s make our favorite views something we can capture and share.
All About the People
From friends to selfies, people are often the stars of travel photos - here, we’ll make sure that you do them justice.
Plan for Success
Having a plan and schedule is the best way to guarantee you’ll come home with great photos.
Quick and Easy Travel Videos
We all love videos. Let’s make it less daunting to edit and tell a quick story about our incredible adventures.
Cityscapes and Architecture
Buildings are a marvel, and can be a challenge to capture. Learn how to make them pop as they do in real life.
How do you make your landmark shot unique? You’ve travelled far and wide, now make it stand out.
Why Lightricks' Travel Photography Academy
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Anywhere, Anytime
Watch the course whenever and wherever you’d like.
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Lifetime Access
No expiration date. Period.
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On-the-Go Perks
There’s no limit to what can be done on mobile.
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Exclusive Discounts
Loved the course? Get the best deal on our mobile apps.
Dedicated Support
We’re always here to help.
Quick Tips
You’ll be able to apply what you learn right away.
Meet your Guides
Canadian couple Ania and Tyler Stalman live for getting THE shot. When they aren’t exploring & shooting in an exciting, new location, they’re hunting for the next spot they’ll visit, chasing light and pushing their photography to the next level.
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